Meet trouble she is my 5 year old pit bull mix. This little girl has been with me through thick and thin since she was 2 months old. She is a very vocal dog always grumbling or bow-wowin’ about something. And Trouble loves to GO! Whenever, wherever. She will even beat you out the door. She loves going for rides in the car and feeling the wind blow by her face.We love going out to the park or down to the water front so she can sniff and explore. She loves bike rides also known as dog runs for her. She is always full of energy and ready for anything but when the day is coming to an end she loves curling up with her favorite teddy. Don’t let this cute face fool you her name is trouble for a reason.


Welcome to my blog for my Photo 120 class at Napa Valley College. I hope you enjoy the pictures that are posted throughout the semester.